1. ALWAYS bring an extra day’s worth of clothing for the kids (and for you as well). So for a 3-day trip, bring 4 days worth of clothing.
  2. Depending on the age of the kids, have each child bring a small backpack filled with their toys and goodies for the flight.
  3. Pack small gifts (Dollar Store stuff) for the kids to open once an hour for each hour of flying
  4. Pack their favorite snacks, try to limit sugar (Avoid all foods that are crumbly, sticky, or messy)
  5. Because of security regulations be sure that the kids are in shoes that are easy to get on and off.
  6. Depending on the age, have your kids look up the place(s) that they will be visiting if possible maybe let them plan one day of adventures
  7. If flying just be sure to select your seats at the time of booking preferably directly through the airline.