Must Haves for Remote Workers
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Must Haves for Remote Workers

Planning to allow your staff to continue to WFH (work from home) for the next few months and perhaps beyond? Here’s a few basics you’ll want to be sure to have in place for your remote staff:

  • Establish your organization’s Remote User Policy — This policy will help ensure that both your and your clients’ information remains safe and protected and that your employees are enacting best practices when it comes to security. Set and communicate specific rules about how and where your staff can access your networks. Even though right now, your staff is less likely to be hanging out in coffee shops, do you want to allow them to access your networks in public places such as hotels, airports, and coffee shops? Likewise, what about from unmanaged home networks? Which brings us to the next must-have—a VPN.
  • Invest in VPN software — a VPN (virtual private network) is one of the best ways to ensure the security of your organization’s data when employees are logging on. Check out VPN recommendations at That One Privacy Site and PC Magazine’s picks.
  • Set up File Sharing — Your organization may already have this practice in place, but secure access to your files is important. Microsoft OneDrive (part of Office 365), Google DriveDropbox, and Box are some platforms worth looking at. All are cross-platforms providing compatibility with Macs, PCs, and mobile devices.
  • Enhance your communication tools — Don’t rely on email for everything. Video is THE way to inject the personal touch that we all need to make WFH workable for the long haul. Try Microsoft Teams, Google’s Hangouts, or Slack. If you are focused on video and want to look your best, there’s Zoom and Join.Me. NOTE: Skype for Business will only be around until August 2021. If Skype is your go-to platform of choice for video meetings, it’s time to test out some others.
  • Note taking on the run — Worried about your employee’s dog eating his home work? Or that they might lose your all-important project directions when they scribbled notes on a napkin while picking up take-out? For simple note-taking that plays well with others, encourage your staff to give Microsoft One Note or Evernote a try.

Stay tuned to WorkAnswers for more helpful tips for your business as we adjust to these changing times.

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