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Leadership is a subject I’ve thought a lot about over the years. I have the good fortune to work with some excellent leaders…and some that never thought about the subject at all even though they were in a leadership role.

The pandemic crisis and the resulting economic fallout have made me think about leadership differently for many reasons.  Most likely because so much of what happens is outside of my skill set. I am not a medical professional or a scientist, and I wonder how I can make the most impact as a leader in this day and times. 

There are so many books about leadership, but I wanted to learn how a great leader led in a crisis much larger than the COVID-19. I thought much about my hero, Jackie Robinson whose incredible leadership skills paved the way for societal change in his era. 

I thought of other great leaders, too, yet one name came to me more than any other….Winston Churchill. I have read a few books about Churchill, but I noticed that there was a new best seller by Erik Larson, “The Splendid and the Vile.” I have started to read it.  One message comes through as I read the book: Even during the darkest hours when Germany was continuously bombing London, Churchill told the truth and gave hope. I think this has great value for modern leaders. It will serve us all well to remember that in good times and in bad, we must always lead with truth and hope.

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