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Established by Scherzer International — a leader in background report services for banks, private equity funds, law firms, accounting companies and beyond — WorkAnswers provides a one-of-a-kind business resource. Founded in 1993, Scherzer International helps companies make informed, effective decisions on topics ranging from business transactions, client relationships and staffing to regulatory compliance and risk management. Building on this comprehensive expertise, WorkAnswers offers the business support you just can’t find anywhere else:

  • Access to Scherzer International’s extensive experience with the regulatory, compliance and best practices solutions of top companies around the world
  • High-value, cost-effective business resources not offered by traditional consulting practices
  • Insight into global business regulations and trends
  • Legal documents that have been reviewed by top attorneys from major U.S. law firms
  • Customized, expert-approved policies, procedures and documents
  • Skilled, in-depth research on any business topic
  • Online training on several topics that can be customized to meet your specific needs


What Sets Us Apart?

  • 25+ Years Serving Leading Businesses Worldwide
    WorkAnswers provides members with exclusive access to customized business management documents and resources developed through Scherzer International’s decades of service to industry-leading companies and organizations. As a member of WorkAnswers, you receive the full benefit of Scherzer International’s extensive experience with the regulatory, compliance and best practices solutions of top companies around the world. Our premium services provide high-value, cost-effective, customized solutions not offered by traditional consulting practices.
  • International Expertise and Global Resources
    Drawing on Scherzer International’s vast experience serving leading U.S. and international businesses, WorkAnswers is your source for expertise in international regulations, and places valuable global resources at your fingertips.
  • Sample Legal Documents Reviewed by Country’s Top Attorneys
    Our sample legal documents have been reviewed by partners of major U.S. law firms who were voted the best attorneys in the country. Don’t make the rookie mistake of using subpar, cookie-cutter products from document-mill companies. WorkAnswers is your go-to source for premium, expert-approved documents that will set your business apart from the pack.
  • All Documents are Customizable to Your Business Needs
    WorkAnswers provides personalized attention to all members with a paid annual subscription. We can customize any document to fit your unique business needs. Save time, money and energy with our customized, personalized products and services.
  • On-Demand Individualized Research Provided upon Request
    As a member of WorkAnswers, you can request specific research on any business management topic, and will receive an in-depth report detailing our findings (additional charges apply). We provide professional research and analysis on everything from competitors’ reputations to doing business internationally. We give you the answers you need to make the most informed decisions possible for your business.
  • Business Management Questions Answered within 24 Hours
    Need help with proposals, business plans or other management-related issues? WorkAnswers will answer any business questions you have within 24 hours (on weekdays) at no additional charge, with a paid annual subscription.
  • All Businesses Served – From Startups to Established Companies and Non-Profits
    Whether you’re launching a brand new business or are at the helm of a long-established company or run a non-profit, WorkAnswers is your one-stop source for everything you need to succeed. Our products and services meet you where you are and move you forward, regardless of how long you’ve been in business.
  • All Your Business Management Needs in One Place
    Why rely on several sources for your multiple business management needs? From sample policies to best practices tips, compliance requirements, training, authoritative articles to legal agreements, WorkAnswers has it all. That’s what makes us your one-stop hub for better business management. Join today, and see what the WorkAnswers difference can do for you.
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