Steps to take if you have an incident – 2021

If you feel as though you have an incident where someone has “hacked” into your account of yours you should change your password immediately; if it is an SI-related account, then contact technical services; if it vendor-related, please contact Sherie Reynolds (Vender Relations), and document what lead up the event and any related events/observations.

If you have been hacked or your device has been compromised. Remember RICE.

  • Remove from the Internet (or put into Airplane Mode) or power off.
  • Inform Technical Services immediately (if company equipment)
  • Change your password(s) immediately.
  • Evaluation from technical expert.

If your iPhone is lost or stolen.

  • Notify Technical Services
  • Change your network password
  • iPhone try to access “Find my iPhone” located on
  • Send an alert
  • If you have to wipe the device, do it; yes you lose the device, but the data is FAR MORE VALUABLE.

If your laptop/desktop is stolen/lost.

  • Notify Technical Services.
  • Change your network password.
  • File police report if applicable.
  • Check with the Lost & Found at the hotel, café, restaurant, airline, etc where you last saw it.
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