Physical Office Security – 2021

The first aspect of security is Physical Office Security; this is related to anything that doesn’t have to do with our IT infrastructure from maintaining a secure workplace (being mindful of who in your workspace at any given time, especially when it comes to guests) to not discussing company business while in public (e.g. at a restaurant or a party), or on social media.

Designing a Remote Worker Policy

Steps that can be taken to secure the Physical Office Space are:

  • If you are in the office, ask people you don’t recognize if you can help them.
  • Don’t allow unauthorized people into the office follow you through the side doors when using your key fob.
  • Requiring guests to sign-in and NOT leaving them unescorted.
  • Destroying documents and/or other media with sensitive data.
  • Use the shredders in the office (or at home).
  • Don’t leave portable devices in public places.
  • Motion-sensing cameras in the office.
  • Servers and routers are to be kept in locked room(s)/closets.
  • Front Desk Security such as in the in Woodland Hills Office.