Steps to take if you have an incident 2019

If you feel as though you have an incident where someone has “hacked” into your account or release some malware you should change your password immediately, then contact technical services, and document what lead up the the event and any related events/observations.

If you have been hacked or your device has been compromised.

  • Remove from Internet (or Airplane Mode) or power off
  • Inform Technical Services Immediately (if company equipment)
  • Change your password(s) immediately
  • Evaluation from technical expert

If your iPhone is lost or stolen.

  • Notify Technical Services
  • Change your network password
  • iPhone try to access “Find my iPhone” located on
  • Send an alert
  • If you have to wipe it, do it, yes you lose the device but the data is FAR MORE IMPORTANT

If your laptop/desktop is stolen/lost.

  • Notify Technical Services
  • Change your network password
  • File police report of applicable
  • Check Lost & Found at hotel, café, restaurant, airline, etc…