The Gig Economy

What is the Gig Economy? Currently, there is no official definition of the “gig economy” but can best be described as an engagement to complete a single task or project more or less to “work on-demand”. According to the Pew Research Center on Internet and Technology, more than one-third of the U.S. workforce is officially […]

Seven Apps for the Business Traveler

TripIt Allows you to place all travel plans (flight, rental car, hotel, restaurant reservations, tour information) in one area and share it with others in your entourage. It also informs you if you have modifications to your itinerary. Available on: Android and iOS. Hopper  Tells you “when to fly and […]

Seven ways to better secure yourself while traveling

Avoid using expensive luggage that says “take me” this will only attract the unsavory characters Request a hotel room that is not on the ground level Leave the TV on (but respectful of the sound level for the of your neighbors) Use the hotel safe if there is was one […]